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An intelligent keyboard

Our keyboard, built to look and feel like the on that comes with your phone and are used to interacting with, with the added benefiting of allowing you to update your mood from within any application, with no interruptions.

An integrated network

Give your doctor, family, friends and loved ones as much (or as little) access as you'd like. Allow for more impactful therapy sessions and improve outcomes.

An interactive dashboard

Check, monitor and re-evaluate your mood updates with graphs, charts, and clinical insights and other customizable views tailored by clinicians and your own plan





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Updates coming in the future!

  • Individually refined features

    Giving users and doctors the options to tailor their applications to the specific needs at hand. We welcome your feedback -- become part of our beta!

  • Preemptive notifications

    We're building early detection algorithms that will all you to be notified before a potentially negative mood episode is going to occur...allowing you to treat it proactively before it happens.

  • ...and more!

    We are continually updating Stabilify to work best for our users and clinicians. Stabilify learns from you as you use it, but above that our team is continually working to make it better by incorporating your needs and finding answers to the most difficult problems in mental healthcare.

Changing the way you engage with your mental health. Improving outcomes and recovery.

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